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Rype Health offers a wide range of medical affairs, clinical development and pre-commercialization services and solutions with the necessary tools and expertise to help maximize the value of your team. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.



Alignment | Autonomy | Accountability

The challenge is to identify and adopt a strategy consistent with our understanding of the conduct of Medical Affairs, and the realities of the emerging healthcare landscape.  This requires a strategy that will function effectively in an uncertain, chaotic and dynamic environment.  It requires a concept that is consistently effective across the full spectrum of your product portfolio, disease areas and business functions, because we cannot attempt to change our basic principles from situation to situation and expect to be effective and/or efficient.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Frameworks | Core Business Documents

We experience common challenges in Medical Affairs, yet we often reinvent the wheel. There are a multitude of frameworks, models, tools and techniques that can be leveraged.  At Rype Health, we bridge the gap between the purely academic and the more pragmatic aspects of Medical Affairs.  Ultimately, we need to be able to flexibly select and configure appropriate  approaches for particular situations.


Flexibility | Speed | Scalability

Looking to resource a project but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Need a vendor but don't know where to start? Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require a missing piece and a bit of support to execute effectively. Responding to today’s rapidly evolving environment means being able to quickly tap into existing expertise, process and infrastructure.  Rype Health has core capabilities and a network of service providers that we can leverage to help you find the right fit.




Customer Data Strategy

Despite significant investments and efforts, Medical Affairs teams continue to face challenges on how to obtain, integrate, organize, access, manage, and analyze customer data to derive meaningful and actionable insights.  Siloed and fragmented approaches reinforce, rather than remove, barriers to building effective solutions.  It's critical to maximize the value of information assets, make better data-driven decisions and deliver personalized medical information at scale in an effective and efficient manner.


Patient | Physician

Biopharma needs to stop thinking inside-out.  Patient / Physician journey maps describe the emotional experiences, needs, beliefs and resulting behaviors. They identify the key decision makers involved and describe how they influence and interact with each other along the different stages of the journey. Journey maps are an important element in developing customer experience strategies and tactical plans, and lie at the core of true customer-centricity.


Leadership | Sentiment

Gone are the days when we could target customers based on reach of 'influence'.  The traditional KOL continues to play an important role in world of medical affairs, but constrained resources coupled with increasing complexity require companies to focus on the key stakeholders that will ultimately compel patients and physicians to make the best decisions.


Multi-Channel Communication

How do you get the right information to the right customer at the right time through the right channel?  Engagement planning is more than a target list and reach/frequency metrics.  Segmentation and targeting are essential in developing robust engagement plans.  Delivering a good customer experience is more than it's cracked up to be.


Organization | Product | Portfolio

This industry is riddled with uncertainty, therefore right-size and dynamic strategic planning is critical.  How many MSLs do you need and when do you need them?  Do you have a medical launch readiness process and plan in place?  When and how should you shift resources from mature brands back into the pipeline?  The challenge is not generating activity, but rather getting the right things done.


Capabilities | Resourcing | Metrics

We know that there's a lot under the hood in medical affairs.  Need to get a call center up and running?  Put a grant, medical review committee or fair market value process in place? Establish goals & performance metrics?  We can help.


Platforms | Point Solutions

There are fewer and fewer use cases where monolithic enterprise systems that require significant resource investments and only allow for minimal configuration  are the right answer.  Companies need adaptable and agile models that are flexible, can be reconfigured and connected in endless ways in order to address changes as science, customer, regulations and technologies evolve.  At Rype Health, we focus on an integration-oriented design approach, developing solutions to key business challenges in a cost-effective way that accommodates speed, flexibility, adaptability and connectivity.


Microservices | Scalable Solutions


A company’s enduring value in large part derives from the capability to generate and apply insights. No skill may be more important than the ability to understand your customer and sense the market. However, for an insight to have ultimate business value it must inform decisions that will materially affect the business.  Collecting information is the easiest part of the process. Linking the insight to some relevant strategic action is the hardest part—what trends can we anticipate to better meet the needs of our stakeholders?  The ability to accurately characterize the environment to better inform priorities is critical, as it creates the basis for all well-informed, data-driven decisions.



Rype Health was founded in 2018 with a single mission: to be the best medical affairs consulting agency in the biopharma industry - period. Most firms approach each client in a unique way, spending 100% of their time getting clients 80% of the way there. We understand that 80% of the challenges clients face are the same.  So we spend 100% of our time optimizing the last 20% to get you across the finish line - fast.


Managing Director | San Francisco, CA

As founder and managing director of Rype Health, Richard brings over 15 years of life science experience. Prior to Rype Health, Richard led medical affairs teams at Ultragenyx, Genentech, Cline Davis & Mann, and Astrazeneca. His specialties include product & portfolio strategy, customer targeting & segmentation, patient identification and medical launch readiness.


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